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luisa renay

Whhhhat is up! So obviously my name is Luisa Renay, but knowing that two first names gets a little weird you can go ahead and call me LU. Yeah okay cool! To be honest, summarizing who you are is difficult, so I will try my best

I am a proud mumma of two handsome doggos and married to the best human EVER, also he is pretty damn sexy.

Let's see, I am obsessed with music, Netflix, and Hulu I will just lay in bed like a 90's grunge kid listing to music or I will edit images while watching foster home for imagery friends. I love noise! Mind you I did live in downtown San Francisco while going to college and noise is soothing.

Alright so I got to be straight with you, I am dyslexic, manic depressive and got that anxiety. Before you say," She only says that to get noticed or feel pity" I wish I didn't have to say it at all and just put on a front for you, but I cant! I learned a long time ago that photography helps me stay myself and sane (well sorta i am a dash of crazy) but since high school, photography has been my escape. I stay busy by being an active photographer, I shoot from high fashion studio work to food! I love it! I push myself to learn new techniques and embrace my own style.

But overall my favorite type of photography is couples! OH SNAPS! Seriously though, I get the chance to tell YOUR STORY and make memories that will last forever! To see the genuine love and silliness that couples bring is extraordinary!

So, if I didn't scare you away. I pinky promise and cross my heart that I will do my very best and more for you! All I need is your trust and I won't let you down! I believe in uncovering your daily facade and capture your unguarded truth with your loved one.

Alright radical potatoes, so if you got questions just email me