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Luisa Renay Photo

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Luisa Renay Miravet-Hopf

Having two first names gets a little weird, so you can go ahead and call me "Lu". I'm from Southern California, grew up in a small town in the high dessert that no one every really knows. If it wasn't for my high school yearbook teacher I wouldn't have ever thought about going to The Academy of Art University for photography. I have been studying for my BFA since 2011, life isn't perfect but I have been able to grow in many aspects of my life as a photographer. I have taken multiple opportunities to better myself and in this blog I am going to introduce personal techniques that I have learned to teach you how to be a more proficient photographer and client. Learn about new equipment that will benefit your imagery, how to better your editing skills, tips to help pose couples, and more. I look forward interacting and sharing this knowledge with you.

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Matthew Hopf

Hello, my name is Matthew. I love meeting new people and spending time with my wonderful family. I am happily married to my beautiful wife, Luisa. I got into the wedding business with her about two years ago and am now an ordained minister and videographer. I love getting the opportunity to meet couples and share the day with them.